BUOY-Tracker is light weight, ruggedized, water and weather proof for continuous long term reliable operation in even the toughest commercial marine environment.  All electronics, antennas and batteries are sealed inside the toughened certified IPx8 water and weather proof shell.


BUOY-Tracker is a certified AIS AtoN (Type 1) transceiver which is especially certified and legal for use on buoys. BUOY-Tracker enables you to precisely track and locate your buoys and protect your gear - all using your existing onboard AIS system. 


BUOY-Tracker allows you to easily and reliably electronically mark your buoys, with its exact GPS position and unique identification displayed on your chart display using a standard buoy icon. 


Simply clipped to any buoy using the special bracket system, the internal re-chargable battery takes only 5hrs to completely recharge and will power BUOY-Tracker for over 120 hours.  


BUOY-Tracker provides reliable, cost effective and efficient tracking and protection of your fishing buoys and gear. 


NOTE: BUOY-Tracker is a fully certified and legally approved AIS Aids to Navigation Type 1 transceiver. It includes various optional non-standard functionality for further user convenience such as dynamic MMSI allocation, which if activated and operated when within national waters (12nm) may require further permission from local authorities. 

BUOY-Tracker - Fully certified, low cost AIS fishing buoy tracking transponder

SKU: 418-0069
    • Globally certified Type 1 AIS Aids to Navigation Transponder
    • Simple to configure and use – automatically switches on when fixed to buoy.
    • Precise location and identity of buoy displayed on your chart display in real time using AIS.
    • 120 hour operational life between charges – internal battery recharges within 5 hours.
    • Ruggedized for continuous long term operation at sea in even the harshest of weather.




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