The Sailor package is a bundled package of the B100 Class B and S100 VHF Antenna Splitter which enables a single VHF antenna to be shared by your VHF radio and AIS Class B.


The em-trak B100 provides the best AIS performance available and includes a GPS antenna and voyage data recording functionality. The em-trak S100 uses patented technology that ensures no loss of performance for either your VHF radio or AIS Class B – no other antenna splitter delivers true zero loss performance.


The ability to share a single existing antenna coupled with the B100 and S100 being the smallest, lightest and most robust devices in the market make installation as simple as possible.

Sailor AIS Package - 1 x Class B B100 & 1 x Splitter. Ideal for sailboats

SKU: 411-0005
    • FCC & USCG & International certified standard AIS Class B
    • Small and lightweight
    • Multiple interfaces: NMEA0183, NMEA2000 ensures plug and play compatibility with most display systems
    • High quality, engineered to last
    • HF-AIS core technology for enhanced AIS message processing – see more see further
    • Global 3 year warranty




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